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September 7: Submitted to SICB!

This is my second year submitting an abstract for an oral presentation at SICB. Hopefully I'll get in again.

Things to work on:

* Laurie suggested some additional families to look into. These include Istiophoridae (billfishes), Scombridae (tunas etc), and the various families under the order Pleuronectiformes (flatfishes).
* Contact Amisha to see where the Alfaro & Westneat 2005 labrid tree went on the lab website.
* Get some more trees. Francesco suggested Molecular Evolution & Systematics as a good place to start looking.
* Get phlawd working to make some trees.
* Randomization test to check auteur + extinction results. Consult Jon's code.

Other stuff:

* Ryan was having trouble with BayesPhylogenies-1.1. It segfaulted when starting an analysis. Rearranging the input file so the outgroup came last fixed the issue. Not having the source code available made it difficult to fix the problem.